Work and study vs. Work and travel

Work and travel is known as an exchange summer program in USA for college or university students. Candidates are entitled to an assigned period of part time or full time job before granted 30 days stay for their travel plan in the states. Work and Travel is amongst most popular exchange programs offered. Nevertheless, applicants are required to be full time enrolled at a university recognized by Work and Travel program.

Whereas Work and Study is comparatively different for which participants are required to sign up for a study program in order to be eligible for part-time work during the same period.

>Work and Study program allows students to choose from a list of countries where the program is internationally recognized.
Today we will focus on Work and Study program in Australia. Get to know more about Work and Study in Australia.

“Work and Study in Australia”

is limited to English Language course or special course offered in Australia in which students can pursue their study while being able to apply for part time job (approximately 20 hours per week).

However, during school break students are granted up to 40 hours of their work allowance per week. Keep in mind that the exception is being granted only for those who enroll for 3 months program and more.

What courses are available?

The best pick is English Language course which are being offered in different platform; as per example:

General English ( to generate 4 skills for language learning capability: listening, speaking, reading and writing)

--Intensive English for college entrance examination
--Business English
--IELTS exam preparation
--English for profession (e.g. English for hospitality)
--English for career path
*English for sales and marketing
*English for Information and Technology
*English for tourism
*English for cookery

Special note: students must enroll for 3 months and more for each study program. Courses are available weekly therefore new enrollment is applicable for every Monday, however, for certain campus schedule may be flexible and school calendar is varied.
It is recommended that parents and students 

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