NES Course and Visa Information (Ed-Visa)

NES offers comprehensive Thai and English courses to foreign speakers. Studying a Thai or English course at NES makes you eligible to apply for a one-year education visa (renewable from year to year). There is only an education visa (Ed-visa) and no 'student visa' available. NES School is recognised by the Thai Ministry of Education as providing quality education to a variety of international students. We offer a range of Thai and English courses for foreign learners. NES courses have clear direction and process to build up and improve your Thai and English communication skills from basic level to advanced level. You can learn simple short sentences for survival or comprehensive discussions, from reading easy words to reading columns in newspapers or magazines. The lessons are smooth and balance between understanding why you say it and practice it through interesting activities in the class.
NES's Thai and English language courses vary across many different topics including daily life or specific issues. We can customize to meet students' needs. Our courses are easy to follow, whether you have no understanding of Thai or English already or speak to a certain degree. NES provides conversation, reading, and writing lessons.

NES offers group or private lessons to suit all ages and abilities.

NES Services

Three language schools in convenient locations in Chiang Mai, within close proximity to a host of local facilities.
An international selection of teachers including native Thai, English, Australian, and American.
Arrangement of one-year education visa (renewable from year to year)
Hi-tech classrooms equipped with modern whiteboards, plasma TVs and internet access.
Spacious and comfortable atmosphere in classrooms with air conditioning.
Clean, pleasant and highly maintained amenities.

Visa Process (Non-Immigrant Ed-Visa)

1. Students will need to provide NES with the following:
Passport with at least 6 months validity remaining
3 photocopies of your passport
12 x 1 inch passport photos
12 x 2 inch passport photos
A medical certificate which is easily obtainable from your doctor or a hospital in Thailand.
Pay tuition fees
Fill the visa application form
A Visa Fee of 2,000 THB
A Visa Extension Fee of 1,900 THB
Students are required to have at least one month remaining on their existing visa

​ 2.NES will send a student visa request letter for one-year student visa status to the Thai Ministry of Education. This process approximately takes 3 weeks. After receiving a reply letter, student will need to summit it to the Thai consulates. Student who is in Thailand on a tourist visa needs to depart from Thailand for other countries (Student may go to the nearby Thai consulate in Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, and Singapore). Student cannot obtain a new visa (Ed-visa) in Thailand unless student has entered Thailand under Non-Immigrant visa such as Non-O, Non-B, etc. Then, student can get the visa changed at central immigration office in Bangkok. However, in some nationality such as Indian, Chinese, Pakistani, African, or Middle Eastern Nationalities, there is necesary to return to the home country. For traveling to Laos or to the country close by, NES has a service for student convenient to assist in contacting a traveling agency (student is responsible for all of his/her travel expeneses).

​ 3. Student will recieve a student visa within 90 days from the Thai Embassy. Then, student needs to bring us his/her student visa so that NES can notify to the Thai Ministry of Education about his/her complete status and enrolment. Furthermore, the Thai Ministry of Education will issue a letter for his/her stay in Thailand which will allow student to stay for 90 days. Student will have to renew his/her status every 90 days at the local immigration office by using the letter and the document which NES will provide for student every 90 days throughout the year. This process may be continue the following year.

​ 4. Students who are applying for a one year visa extension are required to inform a member of NES staff or management, 90 days prior to the visa expiration date, and pay for the following year's tuition fees. NES will issue a registration letter and other related documents for a visa renewal. There will be an extension visa fee of 1,900 baht required to pay at the Immigration office.

​ 5. For non-immigrant visa holder who has an extension of stay and would like to travel outside of Thailand for a short period of time, a re-entry permit will be needed for returning otherwise a status of stay will be cancelled automatically once leaving the country. Re-enter permit is the right to preserve a status of staying in Thailand. Re-entry permit must be obtained at the immigration office.
When applying for a re-entry permit, you will need to submit the following:
1. Passport or a copy of a passport.
2. One 4x6 centimeters photo.
3. A completed TM-8 form.
4. 1,900 baht one time re-entry fee.


Students from continent in the East and Middle East including India, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal need to return to their home country to obtain a visa.

Applicant Information

Student must be 12 years old or over for Thai Language Program
Student must be 7 years old or over for English Language Program
Student needs to sign the document for terms and agreements
NES can also help with obtaining a visa for student who is not currently in Thailand and wishes to come to Thailand to study Thai or English.
Students of all nationalities can study at NES. Neither NES nor the Thai Ministry of Education makes any distinction between students of different nationalities.